Pipe Inspection Systems / Sewer Cameras

Pipe inspection systems and sewer cameras have a very diverse application. The on-site inspection may require a camera with pan and tilt features, a locator perhaps you have a simple on site inspection and we just need to look straight ahead.  

Push Camera Systems

Intrinsically Safe Systems

Crawler Systems

Pan and Tilt Systems

Aviation Borescopes

Our parent company specializes in aviation borescopes. Specifically, compare to the PWC34910-101, PWC34910-108 and the PWC34910-109 borescopes.   If you require an on site aviation inspection please call with as much advanced notice as possible.

Industrial / Machining Borescopes

Many manufacturing and machining centers have micro fiberscopes and 4mm fiberscopes. These flexible borescopes are available in many different diameters and lengths.     These same flexible borescopes are used in machining centers as well as production casting manufactures.   .

Visual Inspection Tools

Rigid Borescopes

Many of our on site borescope inspections require the use of rigid borescopes.  These borescopes are available in many configurations.    If  your on-site inspection has a unique application please give us a call as we are certain we have a solution for your on site inspection application.

2.7mm Rigid Borescope

4mm Rigid Borescope

6mm Rigid Borescope

8mm Rigid Borescope

10mm Rigid Borescope